The Unity Ultra by Bali Hope is the first of its kind in Aotearoa, New Zealand. Inspired to want to help after the devastating attack in Christchurch March 15, when Red Cross staff and volunteers helped in a variety of different ways, The Unity Ultra by Bali Hope has chosen us as the official charity partner. 

As the primary provider of refugee resettlement in New Zealand, Red Cross helps refugee-background Kiwis by providing trained volunteers to offer close support during the first 6-12 months of resettlement, finding employment and delivering skills-based courses such as first aid, food safety handling and driving lessons, and providing clinical and therapeutic support through our Refugee Trauma Recovery programme. We also run a programme called Restoring Family Links, where we help families in New Zealand locate news of missing loved ones overseas where the seperation was caused by war, armed conflict, disaster or migration. 

Red Cross has a history of helping the Christchurch community, particularly after the major earthquakes that changed the lives of all Cantabrians. This year, Christchurch became a settlement location again for the first time since 2011 earthquakes. The city has a proud history of providing a warm and friendly welcome to its newest residents. Rachel O'Connor, Migration Programmes Manager said earlier this year "We've been there for Christchurch residents for over 100 years before, during and after disasters... It’ll be an exciting new chapter to build on our existing support for the wider Canterbury community as we join them in welcoming the city’s new residents.”

The Unity Ultra marathon ends in Hagley Park Christchurch, a part of the city that has held memorials and other events to remember those who were lost in these shocking emergencies.  

If you are a participant of The Unity Ultra, in just minutes you can build and customise your page, then start sharing the link with your friends, family and colleagues; to ask them to donate to your page. Every donation is then recorded on your fundraising page along with a message of support from your donors.

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