Every day 63 people in New Zealand are diagnosed with cancer. Many of them will have to give things up – their favourite foods, their hair, their independence, sometimes even their future. 

They will face one of the biggest challenges of their lives, and they can’t do it alone.

That’s why we need you to take on your own challenge and Give it up for Cancer Society.

Choose your vice, whether it’s takeaways, chocolate, video games or something else you enjoy a little too much, and give it up! You can choose how long you give it up for, but the longer you do it the more funds you’re likely to raise.

Spread the word and ask friends and family to sponsor your Give it up challenge. You can also donate any money you’ve saved from giving it up. Every dollar you fundraise will go to Cancer Society to fund life-saving cancer research, support for patients and their families, and cancer prevention campaigns.

By giving up something small, you can make a huge difference.


Cancer Society Auckland Northland Division

One in three New Zealanders will be affected by cancer in their lifetime.

The Cancer Society provides free support services and information for people going through cancer treatment. We also fund important scientific cancer research and implement health promotion initiatives to prevent cancer for future generations. We receive no direct government funding and rely on the generosity of New Zealanders to provide these services.

Cancer Society Of New Zealand Auckland Division Incorporated is a registered charity under the Charities Act 2005, registration number CC22556.

140 heroes fundraising today.

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