Legacies and bequests (gifts left in people's wills) are a vital part of MND NZ's income. After providing for family and friends, leaving a legacy to MND NZ in your will is a wonderful way of supporting our ongoing work.

By supporting us through a bequest you will help us maintain a free-of-charge nationwide fieldwork service for New Zealanders with MND, raise awareness and understanding of MND, and support MND research. By leaving a bequest you are not only helping our current financial situation, but making a real difference to our ongoing and future needs.

Your lawyer, the Public Trust Office or a Trustee Company will be able to explain to you the various ways in which you can create your will.

If you already have a Will, you can include a Codicil (amendment or addition) to incorporate your bequest to MND NZ.


Living Giving

Living Giving enables someone to donate to an organisation during their lifetime rather than leaving a bequest in their Will.

For example: A person making a bequest of $10,000 to MND NZ in their Will might choose to instead donate $2,000 each year over a period of five years. They can then claim a tax rebate of $666 each year (assuming their personal tax paid is over $666).

Of course we would be delighted if the donor then chose to also donate the annual tax rebate to us. Over the five-year period of the example above, this would compound in a similar way to compound interest, resulting in a total of $15,000 being donated to MND NZ from the original $10,000.

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