Host your own film screening with our award-winning documentary and help change lives!

For every $200 NZD raised, a loan is provided to empower an ADC Micro-finance & ZMF (ADC's community bank in Myanmar) client to start their own business and escape poverty.

Most of us take access to credit for granted. Yet it is not accessible to everyone.

Many people in poor communities are industrious, resourceful and masters of their own destiny. What they need is access to capital and a bit of support.

ADC Micro-finance offers micro-loans to skilled, enterprising communities which act as capital for them to start small businesses. We believe that by supporting entrepreneurs through micro-finance, entire communities can work their way out of poverty through business development. 


Help support a budding entrepreneur today by hosting your own film screening at home with your friends and family, or at work with your colleagues. Why not set the target of raising $600 NZD to support another 3 women ($200 NZD per loan), though of course any donation is welcomed! Thank you in advance for your support and feel free to email us with any queries at

Email us to get access to the film and start fundraising today!

ADC Micro-finance. Giving credit where credit is due. 

ADC Microfinance

ADC Micro-finance is committed to poverty alleviation. We believe in empowering people to pull themselves, their families and communities out of poverty and improve their own lives. We do this by providing access to micro-finance and related services through partnering with local organisations.

ADC Incorporated is a registered charity under the Charities Act 2005, registration number CC50855.

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ADC Micro-finance's award-winning documentary, On the Backs of Women, is a story of 3 committed women in Myanmar, who through desperation, ultimately find the drive to create a better life for themselves and the people they love. Through relatively small loans provided, these budding entrepreneurs are offered hope and solidarity, and a chance to forge improved, sustainable lives. Click above to watch the preview. 

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