SPCA Inspector Melissa will never forget the day she first met Sully. He was cowering in the corner, desperately trying to hide in the darkness.

As an SPCA Inspector, Melissa has legal powers to seize animals like Sully from their owners. She brought him to safety so our team could look after him.

Sully's coat was overgrown and painfully matted. But most upsetting was his mental state. It's terrifying to see an animal so emotionally traumatised they don't know who to trust. 

Our team gave Sully medicine, introduced him to the outside world and patiently helped him build confidence. It took six months before Sully was ready to be adopted. 

Sully is just one of the many animals who rely on you for hope and happiness. Your support gives them a second chance at life.

Will you be a hero for animals and make a donation to the SPCA today? Just a few dollars from you will make such a difference. 

The SPCA is made up of people who give everything to save and change lives. But honestly, without you none of this would be possible.

Your support gave Sully the life he deserves. When you give a donation to the SPCA, you give rescue, you give love - and most importantly, you give hope.

That's why I'm reaching out to you again today. Without you, there would be no SPCA. We receive no direct government funding - instead, we rely on the support of our community. 

We can't do it without you.

Sully before and after

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