The Avis Budget Cure Kids 1000 is a non-racing charity car rally organised by the good people at Avis Budget New Zealand.

Building on the massive success the 2019 rally which raised an incredible $32,000 for Cure Kids child mental health research; the Avis Budget Cure Kids 1000 is a chance to travel around Christchurch and it'outer limits with a group of like-minded explorers.

Avis Budget Cure Kids 1000 Challenge:

The challenge is to drive a vehicle registered and with a current WOF, costing up to $1000 across the to-be-disclosed route within the Christchurch region. Event organisers will reveal challenges for teams to complete along the rally route and points will be awarded based on performance. Whilst the rally is not a driving competition there is a supreme trophy and sub-prizes to be awarded the wrap up event/ charity auction post-rally.

Event Details:

Leaving from and returning to Christchurch, the event runs over one day Friday 31st July 2020. Teams will travel around Christchurch preforming Tasks and Challengers on the way.

The basic route plan will be available to teams soon - and will be emailed to team captains. More details will be revealed progressively as the rally unfolds. 

All teams must be committed to raise as much as they can in sponsorship/ donations with all monies raised going to Cure Kids funded child and adolescent mental health research. 

Donations can be accepted directly by Avis Budget New Zealand organisers, but to make this easy and transparent, the rally organisers encourage the use of a Everyday Hero team page - sign up by clicking the 'Start Fundraising' button on this page.

Entrants will be supplied with some promotional signage for their vehicle, although space will still be available on your car for your own supporters and sponsors. Remember vehicle sponsorship is a key element in raising the funds. 

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Cure Kids

Cure Kids’ vision is for healthier children, with a brighter future. We focus on raising funding to enable high-impact, New Zealand-based medical research to help save, extend and improve the lives of children diagnosed with serious life-impacting and life-limiting health conditions.
Cure Kids’ funding supports researchers across New Zealand whose work focuses on childhood cancers, inherited heart conditions, epilepsy, infectious diseases, cystic fibrosis, sudden unexpected death in infants (SUDI), stillbirth, burns as well as child and adolescent mental health – and many, many other areas of research.
As the largest charitable funder of child health research, we work hard to support the best research possible to make a measurable difference to the health and well-being of children in New Zealand. This is made possible by remarkable people like you who are willing to take on a challenge and raise funds for Cure Kids.

Frequently Asked Questions:

When I sign up,is there a minimum fundraising/sponsorship amount to participate?

No – but please get out there and do your best for this great Charity.

Do we need to purchase and/ or register a car before we register?
No, you do not, but you will need to have purchased and registered a car at least two weeks before the event and have it approved by event organisers.

Do we need a spare tyre and is this included in the value of the car? 
Each team must have 1 spare tyre, which is also exempt from the value of the car.

Can I decorate my car?
Yes, definitely! Crazy car decorations are a big part of the rally. The bonnet and two front doors will be needed for sponsors and organiser’s stickers so keep those areas clear for them, the rest is up to you.

Are the cars insured under Avis Budget?
No, they are insured under your name and therefore your responsibility. If the car dies, it’s up to you to get rid of it or transfer the ownership to someone else. Most mechanics will be happy to take a car off your hands for nothing.

How do we go about buying a cheap car specifically for the rally if I don’t want to use my own?
You can purchase your own car and have its value verified by event organisers in the lead up to the event, or you can request assistance in finding a car from event organisers before you register - contact

Can I get local businesses or community groups to sponsor my car?  
Yes, car sponsorship is allowed and encouraged. We will be giving all rally participants full information about this but let us give you a quick run-down now.

Can sponsors be supplied with a receipt for tax purposes?
Yes, a tax receipt can be issued by Cure Kids.

Do all of the funds raised go to Cure Kids?                                                                    Yes, 100% of your funds raised will go Cure Kids, Avis Budget New Zealand doesn't keep any of the funds you raise. 

What is the maximum number of people we can have in each car?
Four people.

Can I enter a motorbike?
No, unfortunately, motorbikes aren’t allowed due to practicalities and safety.

I don’t know much about cars – can I still do the rally?
Yes you can. Lots of people on the rally are in the same position, so you don’t need to have any mechanical knowledge at all.  By the end of the rally you’ll certainly know more than you did when you started. There will be people in your buddy group that you travel with that can help you out. That includes a dedicated mechanical support crew that travel with us.

Why is the rally supporting Cure Kids child mental health research? 

Avis Budget New Zealand have partnered with Cure Kids for over 12 years and raised over $900K for child health research in New Zealand. The rally is supporting much needed research in the area of child mental health because we know that 1 in 4 young people will experience a serious mental health episode before they are 18 including serious conditions like anxiety, depression, and PTSD. Avis Budget New Zealand cares about its customers and community and through supporting the rally we can help to make a measurable difference to the health of our Tamariki. 

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