What is Brave the Shave?

The simple act of shaving your head is a powerful way to show your support for someone with cancer. It takes courage which is why we’ve called it ‘Brave the Shave’! By creating an online fundraising page, you enable others to support your act of bravery by making a donation to help people with cancer.

When is Brave the Shave?

You can Brave the Shave anytime that suits you. There is no fixed date.

Will Cancer Society arrange my head shave?

Although we’re here to help and make your shave as easy as possible, it’s up to you when, where and how.


You could organise your head shave at work, home or maybe at school. Wherever you chose to Brave the Shave, you’ll be doing something amazing for people affected by cancer.

Can I cut my hair short rather than a full shave?

Absolutely! And if your hair is already short, how about a leg shave or beard shave? Have fun and get creative!

Will I receive anything to help with my Brave the Shave?

Cancer Society will be supporting you all the way and will provide fundraising tips. If you raise over $200, you will receive a limited edition Cancer Society beanie. We have donation buckets, posters and balloons available to support your Brave the Shave event.

Can I collect cash donations for my Brave the Shave?

Whilst the easiest way for collecting donations is online, we do have donation buckets available for collecting cash donations. Email events@akcansoc.org.nz to request a donation bucket. 

How long after my shave will people be able to sponsor me?

Your online fundraising page will remain open for people to sponsor you after your Brave the Shave.

Can people donate from overseas?

Yes people can donate with overseas credit cards.

Can I donate my hair to make a wig?

If you'd like to donate your hair to be made into a wig for someone in need, please get in touch with Freedom Wigs. You can call them on 03 477 7575 or email info@freedomwigs.com. Freedom Wigs will in turn make a donation to Cancer Society for your hair.


Can I set up a team page?

Once you have created your individual online fundraising page, you can setup a team page and invite others to join. This is a great option if you are part of a group who are braving the shave together. The total amount raised by all the individuals in the team gets added automatically into the team total.

How does the money raised help?

The money raised helps provide free supportive care services to people going through cancer treatment, funds vital cancer research as well as developing programmes to help reduce cancer for future generations. For more info, check out our website www.cancernz.org.nz

How do I get others involved?

Getting your friends and family involved is really easy. Here are a few tips to help you get started:

  • Share your page on social media.
  • Send emails to your friends and family.
  • Put posters up at work, school and in your local area.

Post before and after pictures on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. Why not also tag loved ones in them to ask them to donate or step up to the challenge?


Haven’t answered your question?

Why not drop us a line at events@akcansoc.org.nz or give us a call on 09 308 0169

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