"I was so scared I would lose my baby!" 

Your support can give young women like Marama what they need to leave a life of homelessness and become the loving mums they are meant to be.

I didn’t want to give birth on the streets and be left alone, I wasn’t about to let that happen to me.

Three years ago Marama was sleeping rough on the streets of Auckland. That was also when she found companionship and warmth at Lifewise Merge Café. At first, she came for the free coffee and the warm, hearty meals. But soon she realised there was more to Merge Café than that.

Here Marama felt warm, welcome, and as comfortable as you might feel at your daily local. She soon joined the Merge Community, getting involved in various arts and crafts activities, cooking classes, and much more. If you saw her at Merge Café, you would wonder why such a happy young woman would “choose” to sleep rough.

And indeed, at first glance, it would seem that Marama was “choosing” a life on the streets.

Why was Marama "choosing" to sleep rough? Click to find out. 

Your gift can support young mums like Marama by: 

  • Funding social support to prepare mothers for a new life.
  • Stopping the downward spiral of tamariki (youngsters) moving from foster home to foster home due to antisocial behaviour, heading to a life on the street.
  • Giving light and hope to our homeless whanau.
  • Preventing more New Zealanders from becoming homeless.


Lifewise is an innovative social agency that isn't afraid to do things differently. We go beyond meeting immediate needs - we help people turn their lives around for good. Lifewise supports people of all ages including families in need, those who are homeless as well as those affected by addiction, mental health issues and disabilities. Lifewise is a registered charity under the Charities Act 2005, registration number CC40248.

Why was Marama "choosing" to sleep rough? Read more.

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