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Having a child with a heart condition is an ongoing issue.  It is a stress that many heart families live with every day, not to mention the rest of normal life's worries and frustrations that go on as well.

Every day, @Heart works hard to ensure that all those affected by a childhood heart condition get the appropriate and timely support they need when they are in hospital or when they return home.  Our family support workers visit families, assess their needs, provide practical and emotional assistance such as hospital care packs, food packs, mobile phone vouchers, travel subsidies and financial assistance. 

Your donations will enable us to continue our work, providing heart children and their families with free access to our services including information and resources, training, counselling and psychological support, palliative and bereavement support, specialised equipment, camps and social affiliation.

Please support our work by making a donation to @Heart now.

Heart Kids NZ

Heart Kids NZ is the only organisation in New Zealand dedicated to providing lifelong support for all those living with a childhood heart defect.

We Support Kids, Teens, Adults and Families
We Provide Practical and Emotional Support
We Fund Equipment
We Educate
We Inform
We Fund Research
We Listen, We Learn, We Act
We Make a Difference

Heart Kids NZ Inc. Charity Registration CC20102

@Heart has been providing support services to children with heart conditions and their families since 1984.  Our practical and emotional support is vital for those affected, helping them cope with the day-to-day challenges of living with a childhood heart condition.

The services we provide include (but are not limited to) information, training, counselling and psychological support, specialised equipment, camps, family matching, social affiliation and financial assistance.

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