Join Us to Light it Orange  8th – 14th March 2020!

Join hundreds of schools, workplaces, clubs, businesses and individuals throughout New Zealand in March 2020 to Shine A Light on domestic violence by signing up to ‘Light it Orange’ and help victims of domestic violence get safe and stay safe. by creating your own fundraising event  to hold during Light it Orange.

We’ll keep in touch to give you lots of help with your fundraising and advice.

Looking for inspiration for fundraising - check out our  great fundraising ideas here. Our webshop has Light it Orange resources you can order and cool downloadable stuff.

All funds raised through Light it Orange will support Shine’s front line staff and assist in promoting our free to call National Helpline. 


Why Light it Orange?

Domestic violence is at epidemic levels in NZ, and still largely hidden. All domestic violence is wrong and all victims deserve support.

With our beautiful country having one of the highest domestic abuse incidents in the OECD we need to tackle this epidemic head on.

NZ Police are attending a domestic violence callout every 4 minutes and over 90,000 children are exposed to domestic abuse every year.  It has been shown that children exposed to domestic abuse in their homes are likely to suffer long term effects.

Help us make a change, to let victims know there is support available and to help make New Zealand homes violence free.


You can help free victims of domestic abuse and their children from lives of hell, and literally help save lives.

Shine services include our domestic abuse helpline, women’s refuges, a team of advocates working closely with police, hospitals and others to support victims, our KIDshine service, our No Excuses stopping violence programme, and more.

Help the victims of family violence get safe and stay safe by raising much needed funds for Shine. We deeply appreciate your generosity.

23 heroes fundraising today.

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