Take on Your Challenge &  Make a Difference

 Are you considering running, walking, swimming, cycling, etc one of the amazing outdoor events that are run throughout our beautiful countryOr setting your own personal challenge?

Looking for more motivation?

Why not use the opportunity to make a difference?   Sign up to your event or plan your challenge, create your fundraising page here and ask your friends family and colleagues to support you in helping victims of domestic violence get safe and stay safe

Join Team Shine and make a difference – help us make New Zealand homes violence free

So what are you waiting for? Create your own online fundraising page today!


Domestic violence is an epidemic in this country

  • Police attend a domestic abuse incident every 4.5 minutes
  • A women killed by a family member every 3.5 weeks
  • 90,000 children exposed to domestic violence every year

Shine‘s caring and professional staff work everyday with families to help bring these shameful statistics down.  But we can’t do it on our own – we need your help.ents over the coming year to ensure Shine staff can help more families be free from domestic violence


Help us raise $100,000 from challenge events over the coming year to ensure Shine staff can help more families be free of domestic violence


You can help free victims of domestic abuse and their children from lives of hell, and literally help save lives.

Shine services include our domestic abuse helpline, women’s refuges, a team of advocates working closely with police, hospitals and others to support victims, our KIDshine service, our No Excuses stopping violence programme, and more.

Help the victims of family violence get safe and stay safe by raising much needed funds for Shine. We deeply appreciate your generosity.

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