Welcome to the first-ever Shine Bowlathon! Together we are rolling against domestic violence.

Donate to the event or sign up today and you and your friends will be helping families to get safe and stay safe! 


With awards for best bowler, worst bowler, best team name, best team costume, and top fundraisers, you don’t have to be good at bowling to have a great time and make a difference. 


The best part of the bowlathon is raising funds for such an important cause. Did you know NZ Police get a callout to a domestic violence incident every four minutes?! It can happen in any home, to anyone… and we know it doesn’t have to be this way.



Through this Everyday Hero site, you can build and customise your page. Then start sharing the link with your friends, family and colleagues and asking them to make a donation. Every donation is then recorded on your fundraising page along with a message of support from your donors.

So what are you waiting for? Create your own online fundraising page today!



How do I sign up?

  • The team leader clicks the sign up button to set up their personal page first. Once the personal page is set up, it will automatically ask the team leader to create the team page.
  • The team leader sends the link to team members so they can join.  
  • Each team member then sets up a personal page and at the end of the set-up process, is either automatically added to the team or must manually select to join the team. 
  • Then each team member personalizes their page and shares it with friends and family.  
  • When people donate to any of the team members pages, it will feed the total for that team.  


You can help free victims of domestic abuse and their children from lives of hell, and literally help save lives.

Shine services include our domestic abuse helpline, women’s refuges, a team of advocates working closely with police, hospitals and others to support victims, our KIDshine service, our No Excuses stopping violence programme, and more.

Help the victims of family violence get safe and stay safe by raising much needed funds for Shine. We deeply appreciate your generosity.

83 heroes fundraising today.


To sponsor or provide a matching gift for the 2019 Shine Bowlathon, email SamaraA@2shine.org.nz.

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