Contact Lake Taupo Cycle Challenge 2011 has now finished

29 Jun 2011

When you’re a heart child, the big adventures in life can seem a little out of reach.


This year, funds raised with the support of the Contact Lake Taupo Cycle Challenge cyclists will go towards helping little hearts have a big adventure at Camp Brave Hearts, a camp run annually (funds permitting) in Taupo by @Heart for kiwi heart kids aged 8 – 12 years. Camp Brave Hearts is a week-long opportunity for heart kids to just be kids, do regular adventurous kid things, and share their challenges in a fun, safe, supportive environment under the careful supervision of a medical team.    


Setting up and using your fundraising page is simple. Click on the Build Fundraising Page Now tab, and answer a few simple questions. Then email your friends, whanau and contacts with the unique link to your webpage, asking them to get behind you to help a little heart have a big adventure – you never know who might be generous! Each donation is recorded on your page along with any messages of support that your sponsors post, and you can update your page at any time with photos and stories to further encourage your sponsors.   


On November 26th you’ll be riding round the Lake with the knowledge that you’ve helped to create memories of a big adventure that will last a lifetime for a little heart.


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